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 “Modern Figurative Art Show – Greenville, SC”

NewZart Gallery of Modern Art // Matthew Zedler Fine Art
Location: MZFA Studio & Gallery, 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Duration: December, 2017 to March, 2018

Select and purchase from over 30 Original “Modern Art Figurative” paintings now recently installed at the gallery. This Avant-Garde Figurative Show includes many works from the popular “Redheaded Woman” series. Two (2) additional figurative series are on display, including Six (6) Brand New works from the “Chance Meeting” series. See works done in; Geometric-Cubist, Fauvist, and Surrealist styles. Additionally for sale are over 100 highly unique figurative sketches and drawings. See beautiful stylized derivations of; Picasso, Modigliani, Dali, and many more. 


New for 2017 & 2018: “Fine Artwork Leasing Programs” (Corporate & Residential):

We offer “Fine Art Leasing” programs to both of our Corporate and Residential customers. Leasing is a great way to view beautiful artwork daily at a lower cost, and as well you will have the work rotated every 3, 6, or 12 months for a new look. Please contact us for more information on program pricing and details. 

Recent History @ NZA:

Spring 2016:

Matt Zedler expands his online presence with a 2nd portfolio website: www.zedlerfineart.com 

New Fall 2015: Present Art Gallery Location:

NewZart Gallery of Modern Art // Matthew Zedler Fine Art
Location: MZFA Studio & Gallery, 300 River Street, #106, Greenville, SC 29601

Public Notice Summer 2015: “We’re proud to announce the opening of our newest gallery and studio in downtown Greenville, SC. This space opens July 1st, 2015. This new Modern Fine Art Gallery is located at 300 River Street ~ Unit 106 in the Art Crossing area on the river of beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina.”

Email Us: info@zedlerfineart.com or info@newzart.com   

Located at the “Art Crossing” in Greenville, SC” (www.artcrossing.org)

December 2015: NewZart Gallery Closes in Marshall, NC:

NewZart Gallery & Studio (brick & mortar) has now closed after 8 years of business in Marshall, NC. Our gallery (and Matt Zedler studio) had over an eight year span of business running from Fall 2007 to Winter 2015.

NewZart Gallery and Studio*
(Closed 12.1.2015*)
133 S. Main Street
Loft #207 (2nd Floor)

Marshall, NC, 28753


(“Redheaded Woman, Mood Swings” by Artist Matt Zedler)


Calling Art Lovers Everywhere ~ Make Fine Art Ownership a Priority Again in 2018

Escape the digital world that surrounds us more and more these days ~ and put some reality back in your life.

Something tangible that you can see, touch, – and explore through the minds-eye. Purchase some original fine art and adorn your walls this year. Start a collection. It’s good for you, and the art world needs your patronage. 

Fine Art can be appreciated, revered, and admired for generations.