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I have always maintained a special affinity for linear-geometric abstraction, and as well, geometric color field painting. I view the world we live in via linear-geometric constructs and enhanced color vibrancies, – just as I would imagine these artists did before me.

I have studied both art forms extensively for over 30 years now, and have a certain selection of artists (in both realms) that I personally find to be note worthy. 

Notable Linear-Geometric Abstractionist Masters: Wassily Kandinsky, Archile Gorky, Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Paul Cezanne, Jean Metzinger, Henri Matisse, and Andre Derain.

I feel that many of the works from these fine artists represent some of the most intellectually fascinating and visually stimulating geometric art ever conceived.

Geometric Art:
It is widely agreed upon that superior geometric art tells not only a story of line and plane and implied mathematics, but also that of relationships. I speak of the relationships regarding the drama and power within our own human existence. Masterful geometric paintings tell stories regarding our vast and ever changing universe. Within their master plot, they depict our ever raging universal battles, – many of those seen waged within our own small planet.

Like Kandinsky, my complex geometric artwork is conceived to display a hyper-intense visual representation of this constant battle. This ever constant battle delivers raging energies that fluctuates our universe somewhere between grace and chaos.

Some of the most famous geometric paintings of our times are mere depictions of how our universe struggles in its attempt to achieve harmony.

So, with these prior creative concepts well in mind, I too will continue to produce my own brand of life metaphors through linear-geometric abstraction. 

My Goals for Linear-Geometric Abstraction:

I). Concept capture and create new and fascinating linear-geometric abstract art.

II). Deliver that divine human gift; the capacity to create fascination, deep thought, and undeniable beauty.



Above: “Panacea Pour l’âme XXVI” – Mixed Media on Canvas by Matt Zedler

Above: “Panacea Pour l’âme XXVII” – Mixed Media on Canvas by Matt Zedler


Color Field Painting and Linear-Geometric Color Fields:

I hold a similar artistic affinity and fascination for the revolution in the use of color in modern art. This was the notable embarkation of color in art as to become the subject matter of the work. In this era, painters used very selective pigment fields and geometric abstractions as the focus of their art.

This new art era came into being several decades after the linear-geometric abstract art movement, initiating during the late 1940’s. It is referred to these days as the art movement known as “Color Field Painting.”

Notable Color Field Masters: Mark Rothko, William de Kooning, Josef Albers, Jackson Pollack, Helen Frankenthaler, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Motherwell, and Gerhard Richter.

This art genre embarked into a special new realm of exploring a fuller pigment range
of color and equally that of imagery boldness. The works from this period brought about a new art that is both uniquely visually striking and as well emotionally powerful. These works at times can be so emotionally overwhelming that the viewers are moved to tears.

The CFP process maintains large and often times solid or flat color fields. As well, the fields can pursue a different result, and be a complex blend of color pigments. Many times these works are constructed and displayed in a linear or linear-geometric fashion. These linear-geometric works offer a dynamic optical balance between select color blending and introduced linear-geometric imagery. The form and process used in creating many of these works frees up the color representations, thus allowing the colors to become the absolute subject matter and focal points of the art.

My Goals for Color Field Painting:

I). To engage great emotion and distill mood for the viewers, – just like the great color field painters before me. 

II). Maintain the expansion my ongoing linear-geometric color field series works; “Panacea Pour l’ ame,” which aims to create a true bridge between Color Field Painting and Linear-Geometric Abstract art.


Carpe Diem ~

Matthew Zedler
(Modern Painter/Artist)


Above: “Incoming” – Mixed Media on Panel by Matt Zedler